Petition for Awareness of Unfair Labor Practices - Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd.

Petition for Awareness of Unfair Labor Practices - Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd.

12 April 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ankita Panda

On the 8th of February, I was hired by a company named Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd based in Pune. I was working from home during the pandemic and I was instructed to use my personal computer for the purpose of official work for the company. The induction lasted for a fairly short period of time, and the new recruits were made to write feedback on induction. I was told by my recruiter that I will be required to undergo a training session (probation) for a couple of months before hitting the floor but after a couple of days, I was assigned to a team, and we were made to work already without any prior training. 

Points of Issue: 

Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd is a company with next to no concern for its employees. 
Rubicon does not find it imperative to clear its dues to either any of its employees, former employees, or any parties to the contract signed by the company.
Rubicon Skills Development Company does not care to address the issues of its employees and or contractual service providers. 
Rubicon has an impossible work culture that will leave an individual questioning their skills, growth, and career choices. 
Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd is only concerned with the income that it derives from various companies it takes up projects with and fails to deliver any kind of work satisfaction to the people associated with the company. 
Rubicon is a company that houses the most unprofessional, ill-mannered, and unethical people as the higher authorities, such as managers and CEO and COO, who aim to survive on the goodwill of the new recruits hired every single month. 
It is pertinent to note that Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd has a track record of losing its employees and service providers due to its foul work culture, mistreatment towards its employees, retainers, and or service providers on a regular basis. 
The employers at Rubicon are responsible for mentally harassing its employees, recruits, and the people associated with it. 
Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd should shut down because it is a vicious stop in the corporate world that will leave any individual drained and unmotivated to work. 
Rubicon Skill Development Pvt. Ltd is responsible for the nonpayment of several wages, salaries and paychecks to its employees and former employees and or contractual service providers. 
Rubicon Skills Development company withholds the necessary paperwork required by any individual to further their careers and the said company has a record of not following the due diligence on its account that is owed to the employees as well as contractual service providers.  

A quick context and backdrop to this company: 

Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd is an unlisted private company that has been in play since 9th August 2017. The owners are Dhanya Narayanan as the Chief Operating Officer and Pravir Kumar the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Its authorized share capital is INR 10.00 lac and the total paid-up capital is INR 1.00 lac. The main services that are provided by this company include Talent Acquisition Solutions, Talent Development Solutions, Talent Management Solutions, Leadership Development Solutions, and Learning & Development Research. In short, the company trains the masses who are interested in a certain job role and later deploys them into the company as a part of its fundamental service. 

Below are the ideal facts of the contract that was signed between Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd and the new recruits, followed by the questionable actions of the company: 

The nature of the contract signed by the new recruits was on a retainer ship basis. Now, ideally, in a retainer pricing model, a client retains the ongoing services from you. It is different from the various pricing models in the sense that the customer agrees to pay in advance during a set period of time for professional work that needs to be negotiated. 
Being a retainer means that you are “on-call” for a specified number of hours each week or month. The client agrees to pay you for these hours, whether he gives you work or not. Usually, service providers offer clients a reduced hourly rate for the security offered by being on a period of retainer ship. 
The amount agreed mutually by the parties to the contract was Rs 8,500/- which was agreed on a pro-rata basis, however, the consultants, (the promisee to the contract) were never paid for the extra hours of work. Hypothetically, if it were to be a target-based job, it was never mentioned in any of the clauses in the contract, hence, there are no obligations by the consultant to be subjected to non-payment or reduction of the promised amount. 
The contract states that the consultant is entitled to any kind of reimbursement of the expenses incurred for the official purpose as per the norms of the company, however, then none of the employees of the company ever received any reimbursement of the phone bills, Wi-Fi bills or any other kind of reimbursement for the expenses that were incurred by the consultants during the term of the contract with the said company.  
The recruiters and the concerned employers had mentioned explicitly that the consultancy charges, (amount mentioned in the contract that is mutually agreed upon) will be paid by the first week of every month (which again, is wrong because it is not an advance payment) remains pending for people throughout the said company. Rubicon Skills Development Pvt Ltd declines the invoices deliberately to prolong the process of payments and does not receive the calls of the consultants. The concerned people act unprofessionally and even impolitely when they have to be answerable for the payments to the consultants. 
Deduction of salary on the basis of selfies that are captured for the purpose of tracking the candidate’s location every couple of hours for breaks and other purposes is a normal course of action for the company. Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd mandates its employees and service providers to click selfies regularly and abstinence from that results in the deduction of wages. The company stands very stringent about its selfie policy. There are deductions in salary solely based on the quality of the selfies, the wages per day are deducted solely on the basis of a photograph. The undersigned claims to have been subjected to these atrocities. 
Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd mandates the use of software that is primarily malware and corrupts your system. The undersigned claims that they bear witness to the laptops and computers of several employees slowing down and corrupting due to the administration of software that was prompted as malware by the system and anti-virus software. 
Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd uses HR portals for attendance that has several discrepancies. The time recorded by the software/application for the purpose of attendance, which is solely responsible for the payment of wages, always displays errors and fails to record the accurate track of time hence rendering to nonpayment of wages. 

Below is a list of the events that were undergone by the undersigned: 

After creating four batches of trainees by a team who worked regularly on sourcing hundreds of profiles and calling the potential candidates; working overtime in order to achieve the given targets, it was revealed by the team leaders that the work was a complete waste only because the candidates had to be rounded up via campus recruitments and not via volume hiring from job portals. The efforts of the consultants were a complete waste of time and skills and were disregarded by the employers. 
The undersigned was assigned with a project for documentation (something that was not explained by the HR of the company earlier. The nature of work that entails a Sourcing Specialist, is sourcing the profiles from job portals, screening the resumes, calling the potential candidates for interviews, and lining up the said candidates for the next round of interviews.) The undersigned claims that they were made to work for projects that were not a part of the agreement, nor was it a part of the job description.
The process of documentation that was led by the team leaders and the managers of the company changed the process of work every single week and the consultants (the members of the documentation team) had to work all over again on the data that was provided by the company. 
The undersigned claims that every time they raised the subject of payment of their charges, they were ignored, disregarded to an extent that the concerned authorities either blocked their numbers, declined their calls, or lied about the dates of discharging the amount. It is to be noted that the invoices were declined in a series and whenever the consultants reached out to the manager or the team leads, they only answered in terms of work. They changed the topic of salary to the topic of targets that are to be achieved per hour. 
The undersigned claims that the aforementioned company, Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd, appears to be a company that does not care about the consultants and retainers they take services from and misleads and misbehaves with them. It is bad in the sense that they will make people work, but they will not pay the promised amount no matter how many times they are approached by several contractual service providers.  
Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd, Pune, deducts the salary on the basis of breaks. The undersigned claims to have worked extensively enough to delay the breaks and the company holds no account of the fact that the employers have made the new recruits work overtime to achieve the targets and yet deduct the wages. 
The undersigned claims that Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd only spews excuses for nonpayment of wages and or salary or charges. 
Like a retainer, the work is allotted for a certain period of time in weeks and days and the employers at Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd make its employees and service providers work on Sundays and even as early as 7:00 am in the morning or as late as 9:00 pm at night without paying any extra payments or paying any regular payments at all. 
The people in Rubicon Skills Development company are unethical and pathetic. Their pressure, behavior, unnecessary stress, and harassment affect the mental health of an individual who works here. 
As a sourcing specialist, a service provider or the employee is never taught or trained on several ways of sourcing profiles from various job portals. 
The nature of work soon seems like that of BPO and not HR. The number of calls made by one member of the team is unrealistic and the targets and standards set for each employee are outrageously impossible. 
Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd provides misleading job descriptions to its potential candidates. The company claims to hire professionals for a particular job specification but the said professionals are soon rotated into working for different roles. 
Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd hires Trainers on a double employment basis without paying them on time. It is claimed by the undersigned that they bear witness to several trainers who are yet to be paid by the company. 

The appeal of the undersigned: 

The undersigned makes a humble request to anyone who is reading this to be kindly aware of this company and protect yourself from an ordeal. There are an uncountable number of people who have previously worked with this company on a contractual basis who await the payment of their charges and even give up. If you ever come across this company, kindly stay away from them and never participate in their agendas. 

It is also pertinent to note that this company should consider changing their work culture and ways of management and abstain from mentally torturing the people who associate with them for any kind of service. Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd is a company with no values, management, professionalism, or order. There is no work satisfaction, room for growth, timely payments, or professionalism executed by the employees of the company. 

We kindly request you to spread the word about this company for awareness of wrong activities conducted and promoted by this company or companies like this, so it saves anyone from the trouble of going through an inexplicable ordeal of employment. 

The undersigned requests the reader to sign and share the petition for maximum reach. Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd hires several people on a regular basis and approximately 10-20 people accept the offer of this company, hoping to kick-start their career in the HR domain yet fall into the clutches of unfair professional practices displayed by this company. 

Nobody deserves to be exploited by anyone, and you can always put a stop to these kinds of barbaric practices. No company should get away without any ramifications.

Please Note: The above statement issued by the undersigned is not an attempt of Defamation at Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd. It is a statement released on the basis of work and effort saturated by the people who have been associated with Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd, Pune. It is a statement released for the purpose of awareness and review of the company and the undersigned does not intend on slamming any slanders or libels on the company. It is a public statement for reference and purely based on facts backed by individual experiences of the people associated with Rubicon Skills Development Pvt. Ltd.  



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