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Petition for Auspost to stop selling Reflex copy paper


Auspost please stop all sales of Reflex copy paper.
The forests of the Central Highlands are home to the tallest flowering trees on Earth. Mountain Ash.
These forests continue to be logged, primarily for woodchips to make copy paper.
Australian Paper (The Japanese-owned manufacturer of Reflex) is the largest domestic purchaser of wood from Victoria's native forests.
These forests are home to Victoria's faunal emblem, the critically endangered Leadbeater's possum. 

Auspost, please only buy and sell 100% recycled copy paper. For example: J. Burrows is 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

We look forward to shopping with Auspost once more when you no longer sell Reflex. Your transition away from Reflex will show Australia and the world that you respect and care for our environment and Victoria's faunal emblem.

Thank you for your time and understanding of the importance of this issue. 



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  • Christine Holgate Auspost CEO
  • Christine Corbett Chief Customer Officer

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