Help In the State of Texas To Free A Wrongfully Convicted? Help

Help In the State of Texas To Free A Wrongfully Convicted? Help

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Wanda King started this petition to Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and

Petition for Advocacy to Free Lori Cooper and To Right A Wrong in the Justice System for yet another Black Teenager

How is it that adults can go free and teenagers pay the ultimate price getting a 60 year sentence? Adults can do wrong and say it was a mistake and get a slap on the hand, but teenagers of color pay the ultimate price.

I am writing on behalf of my daughter Lori Cooper who was 16 at the time she was wrongfully convicted of the murder of her father.  We have continued to fight for her innocence to this day.   We have submitted to The Texas Supreme Court various filings seeking Prosecutorial Misconduct for Mike Trent breaking the law to impose the law of which were denied.  We have not freed her yet. Lori was in her room at the time of the death of her father.  Mike Trent was the prosecuting DA for the co-defendant and 2 years later sought to prosecute Lori.

 The story begins with Mike Trent being able to seek a conviction against Lori even after the Co-defendant said five times on the witness stand that Lori had not asked him to kill her dad. At this point, Mr. Trent requested that the Presiding Judge grant him a break. When he returned from the break, he asked the co-defendant again if Lori had anything to do with his actions and then the co-defendant said yes.  The Co-defendant has since recanted his story, but we have not been able to exonerate Lori. More so, to my knowledge, the other participating party at the scene was never charged or prosecuted to this date.

Mike Trent was practicing under Chuck Rosenthal both of whom resigned after an investigation for securing excessive time for young minorities and Prosecutorial Misconduct.  Emails were pulled and given to the press for release in regards to their behavior for winning at all cost. (see links below)

Mike Trent waited until Lori turned 18 to have her charged and then rapidly moved her through the juvenile system to be certified as an adult for a crime that occurred when she was 16.There were many filings on her behalf, and we believe in her innocence, but most especially we believe that Mike Trent did not follow the law, and it has been documented that he used any means necessary to secure a career win. With all the publicity being granted toward teenagers, I am asking that you please pull her case and review it for merits of fighting a conviction that should never have occurred, yet appeals have been denied.  She has served 15 years, and we are still fighting.  It is horrific what young girls have to endure in prison and unthinkable when they are convicted when they are innocent. 

The biggest problem that needs to be reviewed is the documented facts founded by the attorney that this DA broke the law to enforce the laws.  How can he be allowed to be a criminal and not be held accountable?  I am sure my child is not the only individual he had the privilege of using any means necessary to seek a conviction because he could. It appears he believed he was not governed by the law to prosecute the laws in which he took an oath to protect, not break.

I am Lori's mother, and she is my only child.  I have fought this fight with the help of others for 15 years seeking her freedom. There appears to be no justice for the innocent convicted of crimes they did not commit. I now see the success of strong advocacy groups willing to seek justice ensuring that attorneys practice the law the way it was intended bringing forth justice to right so many wrongs.  

Her young adult life has been taken from her as so many others have for a justice system that does not work.  I know that if just one person took the time to review Lori's case with the new found documented prosecutorial conduct they would find a reason to right this wrong.

It is no longer just about her innocence, but the mere performance and power granted to a prosecuting district attorney to believe he is above the law, and he can break the law at will to enforce the law.  This alone should grant her freedom…….

I am asking that you sign the petition to help me seek the signatures needed to have The Texas Board of Pardons and Parole reconsider the application for Clemency. Governor Greg Abbott was part of the investigation of the conduct of the Houston District Attorney’s Office as noted below during his term as Attorney General. ( see link below). We need his support.

The documentation found of illegal steps (woodshedding) taken by the Prosecuting District Attorney Mike Trent to convict my child. 

I am a mother seeking justice.

“Justice too long delayed is Justice Denied”, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!