Petition for adding Kurdish ( Horami ) to Google Translator

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Petition for adding Kurdish ( Horami ) to Google Translator                                                          

                                                                       18 April 2016

 Dear Sir / Madam


We as the Kurdish people who speak Horami Language would like to be involved in Google Translate service.

As you know the Kurdish consists of five major languages spoken by the Kurds as follows: Kurmanji , Zazaki , Sorani , Kalhori and Horami ; Horami with almost half million speakers around the world is mainly spoken in those parts of Iran and Iraq, which comprise Horaman deserves to be fully added to Google Translate service.

We appreciate Google for adding Kurdish (Kurmanji & Sorani) Languages at the time, and from this petition we as Kurdish ( Horami ) speaking people, insistently ask them to prepare possible arrangements for including our Language in their translation service.

Thanks for signing


* Horami : also known as  Hawrami, Avromani, Awromani or Owrami, Urami

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