Petition for a new society (U.K.)

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We are petitioning for support towards a new solution for people to drive civic engagement in the U.K. A solution that would both highlight the evolving needs of our society, a collective vote that speaks to the decision-makers, and a means to shout a little higher when tackling certain issues left unresolved. With your support we want to help provide a solution.

Our fast-paced British society is starting to raise more needs and concerns than ever before, waking more citizens to getting involved and sharing their perspective on the topics. Social media has been a conductor, bringing to light all these issues, slowly becoming our source of news. The technology has allowed us to improve our way of life in so many ways, with more solutions to the problems we face. But with immense possibilities and potential, nothing currently unifies us and empowers us with a single system for social change, taking us through the necessary steps of awareness - mobilisation - collective action.

We are still reliant on media storms or the odd hashtag to pull us together or wake up the decision-makers. Indeed the daily flood of information leave a large number of problems go unnoticed or unknown to the community. Most situations end up with no resolution or at best take tedious years to implement for lack of tools to facilitate social persistence.

Now there is a chance to petition for a new society built on facilitated civic engagement.

Society is the sum of those engaged and those who care. We want a society that is unified under the flag of progress and positive development. It is through this engagement that we will be able to guide our representatives and the decision-makers to take the right measures that benefit society as a whole. We want a means to hear everyone and move together in the same direction.

The solution to such a complex problem should be a simple process that has people become easily aware of the issues, be given the means to mobilise and initiate change, while empowering them to take further action should the need arise. Bringing awareness can be as simple as a platform that publishes relevant objective news, but it needs to allow people to cast their support or their condemnation to situations affecting their country or community. This creates a public opinion and collective vote that brings to light concerns while highlighting the depth of today’s relevance to act. This community hub can then crowdsource helpful solutions that can help the decision-makers in their evaluations and action plans to bring the change that society mandates. In situations where there is push back on certain issues, we would be able to take action to amplify their importance. It would allow us to campaign to initiate popular movements, sign petitions, or gathering community’s resources to voice the appeal. A holistic approach to campaigning. All this to elevate society’s needs and priorities via a single and simple direct communication channel with the relevant decision-makers. As society is evolving, so do its needs. We need a solution to allow society to adapt quickly and efficiently to today’s environment.

We are in need of such an approach and we are attempting to find a way to provide this to society. We have been working on an online news platform that brings the latest relevant headlines, allows society to cast their rejection or approval for change, and have a simple holistic tool to push certain issues forward.

Sign this petition to support the mission and we will send you an email with more details about the solution we are building. Let’s be part of those who did!