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Rubbish and recycle bins are far and few in North Dunedin. At the same time, broken glass and other pollutions plague the area to an appaling extent, affecting us all. Help speak out in order to let the University and City Council know that students care about their environment and would like to see more infrastructure in place to help promote more environmentally concious practices amongst residents.

Letter to
Dunedin City Council Mayor Dave Cull
University of Otago Professor Harlene Hayne
Campus Proctor, Otago University Simon Thompson
We, the undersigned, request co-ordinated action between members of the DUnedin City Council and the University of Otago to address hazardous pollution in North Dunedin streets, namely broken glass. Broken glass affects the safety and well-being of residents and threatens the integrity of Dunedin's infrastructure. We are expressing our concern as this pollution reflects poorly on our community to friends and family, prospective students, and visiting tourists. Please consider our following suggestions to help pro-actively mitigate the risk of this pollution for the future of the community:
-Placement of rubbish bins and recycling receptacles throughout North Dunedin Streets
-Regular sweeps to clear broken glass from roads, walk-ways, and cycle-ways
-Enforcing a disciplinary policy requiring disorderly students to clean up problem areas as punishment
-Awareness campaigns which target environmentally destructive drinking behaviours
While we understand there is no quick fix for this problem, action must be taken to set an example encouraging greater respect for our environment as well as a higher acceptable standard for the way that North Dunedin is currently allowed to be maintained. We thank you kindly for your consideration.

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