Marketing Goal for Pre-Pin on Fansly

Marketing Goal for Pre-Pin on Fansly

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Started by Charity Cherry

As a networking & marketing professional models we as a whole would like to petition for a Pre-Pin on Fansly! We would like to have this option for growth and scheduling! At the time we are able to allow one another to be able to be seen at the top of our pages verse the bottoms! A pre-pin allows us to schedule in advance so we are not having to spend hours in drops to achieve this goal. Scheduling is an important part of what we do to gain fans, subscribers, and lifetime income. As models we agree this would be so very beneficial to our work. Organizing our time is important. We spend over 30 min for one drop some times depending on how smoothly it goes. Instead of spending 30 min for one drop we can spend 30 minutes for a pre-pin drop scheduled over the coarse of several days to achieve the goal of being seen at the top of the participants pages! Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition as we have all Ben wanting this for over 6 months! New changes equals new goals equals new fans and better income!!


In signing this today you agree that a pre-pin option for fansly will be beneficial to networking in our s3x worker industry. 

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Administration of BubbleGumDropz & Sister Groups

Petitioners & Fansly Models:

Charity Cherry & Ladiosadebano thanks all models who sign this petition we appreciate your time in helping us with a change!� 




12 have signed. Let’s get to 25!