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Petition EA Sports to protect women by enforcing Ezekiel Elliott suspension Madden NFL '18

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On August 11, 2017, the NFL suspended Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot. Despite no chargers being pressed, the NFL found that Ezekiel Elliot had no reasonable defense for all 5 allegations of domestic violence against him in 2016. You can view images of the alleged abuse here (and here) to see how the victim suffered severe injuries and anguish as the results of the hands of the "star" running back, Ezekiel Elliot.

Apart from this incident with this accuser, Ezekiel Elliott has a history of public humiliation of women as well. At a St. Patty's Party in Dallas earlier this year, Sports Illustrated reported how in front of everybody, Elliott, on video, exposes a woman's breast. Even after publicly violating the women, his unapologetic attitude on the incident was "I banged the chick". 

As Elliott has fought for re-instatement, both through mediation and through the legal system, he has suffered loss after loss, only winning temporary injunctions. In the evening of 10/30/2017, a federal judge removed the injunction and allowed for the NFL mandated suspension of Elliott to take effect, effective this week. 

Living in a post Weinstein how can Elliott's behavior be acceptable? The exploitation and abuse of women should not be tolerated in any form and the punishment for such needs to be real and severe. Having this man as a role model to other young males and allowing him to continue to be a playable character in a game, especially with the rash of abuse towards women happening with celebrities right now is disgraceful.

Personally, I lost an Aunt to a murder/suicide due to domestic violence. So, in a move of solidarity to support victims of domestic abuse and to show strong solidarity of women's rights, I, along with all the signers of this petition, am calling for EA Sports to suspend Ezekiel Elliott's character in Madden NFL 2018 for 6 weeks. This punishment is set to coincide exactly with the punishment set forth by the NFL for his aggressions towards women. This would make Ezekiel Elliott a non-playable character for any online/ranked games via the roster updates for a period of 6 weeks. After the suspension, EA Sports can, at their discretion, re-instate Elliot into the active lineup once again.

Thank you EA Sports for taking a stand.

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