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92.3 Pro FM has been allowing an anti-LGBT group, the National Organization for Marriage, to promote anti-gay messages on their airwaves. In such a volatile time, with gay youth suicides on the rise, this message of intolerance is completely unacceptable. Tell 92.3 PRO FM that you will not tolerate this hate, and that their majority of young listeners should not have to be poisoned by it either.

Please sign this petition which indicates that you will no longer listen to 92.3 PRO FM until they (1) immediately remove anti-gay ads, (2) publicly apologize on-Air for their irresponsible behavior and blatant disrespect to their gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgenered listeners and (3) promise to never alienate a group of their listeners ever again.

Letter to
Programming, On-Air Suggestions & Questions Tony Bristol
Promotions, Prizes & Appearances Barbi Jo DiMaria
Sales , Advertising & Commercials Holly Paras
In light of the rash of recent gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered teen suicides, you have aired an ad that spews anti-gay rhetoric, in the guise of supporting a gubernatorial candidate for Rhode Island. This is extremely irresponsible and indicates a lack of judgment on behalf of your radio station. 92.3 PRO FM's listeners run the age gamut, and we can assure you that many of your listeners are gay, or questioning, and took your airing of the ad sponsored by one of the largest anti-gay marriage groups in the country, The National Organization for Marriage, to heart. This organization reinforces that gay members of the community are second-class citizens and no not deserve the same rights afford to heterosexual men and women. Imagine if you were a young gay man or woman, slowly discovering your sexuality and stigmas that may be associate with it, and heard that ad played by your station. What if that advertisement was just enough for that young person to finally end their life? These events are happening all across the country and are a stark reality. Do you really want their blood on your hands?

Many of the people effected by your advertisement have been life-long listeners. They were shocked, disgusted and hurt. And for all good reason. This petition is an official reform of our grievances and as the signer of this petition we state:

(1) We will no longer listen or tune-into 92.3 PRO FM until the following occurs:

A.) Immediately rescind that current advertisement sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage, which reinforces gay men and women, bisexuals and transgendered as second-class citizens.

B.) Publicly apologize to the many listeners that you have offended, such as: the gay community and our straight allies.

C.) Promise to never alienate the GLBT community with advertisement that would deny us the same rights that heterosexuals enjoy simply for being heterosexual.

Furthermore, as a signer of this petition, we will also not support your sponsors or their business until the before-mentioned terms have been satisfied. We will also be notifying your sponsors of our intent, and providing them copies of the petition as well.

92.3 PRO FM, please make it better.

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