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End Native Apropriation

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Native American mascots In schools have been a huge issue across the board, and have been a detrimental issue across the school board. This has been proven to increase mental health issues to the Native American youth. Native American youth experience suicide rates of up to four times more than the average white American youth. This specifically has an impact on the students feeling as though thier culture is mocked. Honestly in 2017, should there even be Native American mascots at all? The answer is there shouldn't be. At Susquehanna township high school we have a Native American mascot, and with it comes many instances of cultural appropriation. For one recently there has been a sale of headdresses at football games (a violation of the Indian arts and crafts act, amendment, of 2010). On "red out day" at the homecoming games, there are tons of people wearing red face paint and feathers. This would be trying to portray Native American people. One incredibly scaring instance for me would be last year;(2016-2017 scool year)  there was a pep rally where kids from my school dressed up as the sterile typical "Indians" and fought the aposing team. They used tomohawks and all. We need rules set in place to change or prevent these instances from happening. One change at my school could promote a bigger change for all high schools! Sign this petition so we can be that change, so that the stereo types promoted by these mascots won't make a victim out of anymore Native American students in any school! We must end the stigma and educate, so that we can move forward to a future promoting equality! 

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