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Let’s begin with a little science, courtesy of Dr. Thierry Vrain

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May 3, 2014 — “When we started with genetic engi­neer­ing in the 1980s, the sci­ence was based on the the­ory that one gene pro­duces one pro­tein. But we now know, since the human genome project, that a gene can cre­ate more than one pro­tein. The inser­tion of genes in the genome through genetic engi­neer­ing inter­rupts the cod­ing sequence of the DNA, cre­at­ing trun­cated, rogue pro­teins, which can cause unin­tended effects. It’s an inva­sive technology.”,com_sobi2/sobi2Task,sobi2Details/sobi2Id,1318/Itemid,91/


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