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Monsanto Quotes studies in disregard of Indian Farmers BT Cotton Protests

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Dec 4, 2013 — Monsanto hints these thousands of Indian Farmers upset with Monsanto cotton protesting in the streets don't have any idea what they are really mad about in a show of disregard.

"Despite claims by those who oppose GMO crops, research also demonstrates there is no link between Indian farmer suicides and the planting of GMO cotton." Monsanto quoted research flying in the face of the clear experience of many Indian cotton farmers who took to the streets to protest the agricultural product that they have personally experienced using as farmers.

India's transgenic cotton tragedy
India's transgenic cotton tragedy
Ever since Monsanto introduced genetically modified (GM) cotton in India in 2002, the company has been hounded by a string of controversies. Over a decade later, there is still no consensus in the country on BT cotton, and more broadly on GM crops as a whole.