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Petition Berkshire Hathaway To Replace The Buffalo News's Food Critics

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With modest goals, we today petition The Buffalo News to address just one of its longstanding issues: its awful reviews of restaurants in and around Western New York.

The News is owned by Warren Buffett's investment company Berkshire Hathaway and managed by employees in Buffalo, New York. It is the sole daily newspaper in Buffalo and has continued to lose readers and staff while its net profits have fallen. Many people attribute its decline to its failure to properly embrace the Internet. However, the quality of the paper's journalism has suffered during the same period, and alternative publications now surpass its coverage of local culture and politics, siphoning away its readers and revenues. It is an unhealthy publication, rotting from the inside.

We hereby petition Berkshire Hathaway to take an easily quantifiable first step in fixing this once-prominent daily newspaper. Buffalo News reviews of local restaurants have long been an embarrassment to both the paper and the community it supposedly represents. These reviews have been littered with poor taste, little discernment, and various errors, all of which are discussed further in separate examinations of the two review sections: Cheap Eats ( and Dining Out ( The News's Buffalo-based staff has had years to fix the problems, but has repeatedly failed to take proper corrective actions, and appears to be incapable of cleaning house. Therefore, Berkshire Hathaway should promptly replace the entire food reviewing staff en masse, bringing in professional and savvy new critics, photographers, and editors who are capable of properly educating readers on modern dining trends and local options. 

While we recognize that our petition will by no means address the full scope of The News's many problems, it is designed to serve as a first step in restoring Western New York's confidence in its hometown newspaper. If we can't even trust the paper to point us in the direction of a great taco, or inspire us to embrace our local potential for culinary diversity, how can we trust it to speak truth to power, or guide us on weightier matters? Signing this petition will tell Berkshire Hathaway and The Buffalo News that it's time to make a change. We have modest ambitions with our signature goal, and respectfully ask for your support. Thank you.

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