Petition Against the proposed Double Yellow Lines, by Merton Council

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Petition Against the proposed Double Yellow Lines WR2018b1
on Arbuthnot Road and Connaught Gardens - deadline 27th April 2018
(Representations to the proposals can be made individually or in a united format such as a petition for example. Provide the reference WR2018B1 ) to : Barry Copestake <> & Traffic And Highways <>
This online Petition accompanies a 16page (25/page) physical petition !
We the undersigned DISAPPROVE of the proposed Double Yellow Lines for the above roads. The Council Offices and the new flats, causes a great deal of pressure to parking.
Parking is difficult a great deal of the time, sometimes having to use nearby roads, & this proposal will make it totally impossible.
Shop workers & visitors find it hard to park. With no alternatives proposed this reduction in parking makes no sense. It also devalues our properties, makes life harder & more stressed.