Petition Against the Early Parole of Cop Killer Xolani Kumalo & Accomplices

Petition Against the Early Parole of Cop Killer Xolani Kumalo & Accomplices

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Roxanne van Eck started this petition to PRESIDENT CYRIL RAMAPHOSA (PRESIDENT OF SOUTH AFRICA) and

Petition Against the Early Parole of Xolani Kumalo and accomplices, convicted of Murdering South African Police Officer, Leslie Cilliers, on duty, in Cold Blood with an AK47 in 2003 – South Africa

A Daughter left without her father, at the age of 17, when she needed him most.

A wife left broken, for the rest of her life.

A brother that heard of his only brother’s death while in the car listening to the radio.

Parents left to see the corpse of their son at just 38yrs of age.   

Friends that all say they lost their BEST friend, because he treated every person as you would your best friend.

A community left grieving, with a gaping hole that no one has been able to fill yet, albeit 18 years later.

A South African Police Services Officer, who had dedicated his entire adult life (21yrs) to serving and protecting us, law abiding citizens was killed that day, for no other reason than for the fact that he got in the way of these armed robbers escaping after robbing a bank. The truth is, he was so much more than the badge he wore with so much pride. He was a human being. A human being who could have been your father, your brother, your husband, your son, your friend. Think about that for a second. Would you be comfortable with these convicted killers out on our streets? In a country where crime is already at an all time high, why worsen the situation. Why put more of us at risk. If our jails are too full, then why is there no death penalty for Murder, Rape, etc. Why are serious offenders offered ‘easy ways out’ like this, and most importantly why are their rights more important than ours that pay our taxes and abide by the law?  

As Leslie Cilliers’ daughter, who has gone through so many life events in the past 18 years without my dad at my side, and on behalf of our family, I ask you to support us in this petition, not only to ensure Xolani Kumalo (and any of his accomplices that may follow with applications) remain behind bars for the remainder of their sentence (which was multiple life sentences but due to each life sentence running concurrently and not consecutively, will be a maximum of 25 years). Soon he will be released anyway, and we will need to deal with that, but it should not happen a minute sooner.

Xolani Kumalo will be in his 40’s when he returns to society, young enough to make a life, start a family, and build a career with skills learned whilst in prison (at the expense of the taxpayer). He will have a life at the end of this. No matter how remorseful or rehabilitated he may be or claim to be, multiple life sentences were issued, and he should not be released a day before he has served a full 25 years which is only a fraction of the time he would have been in prison had all his issued sentences been served consecutively. If Xolani Kumalo is truly remorseful, he would accept his sentence of 25years and not even be asking for an earlier parole! By doing so, he is not taking accountability.

Xolani Kumalo and his accomplices may have received multiple life sentences (which equates to being in prison for only a measly 25years with our system), but my dad got the death sentence at his hands and in turn, we got issued a true-life-sentence – a life without the wonderful man that my father was. Our sentences are not being lessened, why should Xolani Kumalo, or his accomplices be let out on an earlier parole?

Why should the man that shot 52 bullets into my fathers’ body and head be shown any mercy, when he looked into my father’s eyes and deliberately took away his whole future, out of greed. Xolani Kumalo did not show any mercy to my father, an innocent man, doing his job. My father had not threatened him or even drawn his weapon. There was no time, even if he needed to. Xolani Kumalo shot my father in absolute cold blood and would have done so to anyone that got in his way that day. If he was able to do it then, he is able to do it again. A bank robbery, illegal firearms, murder, attempted murder… these are just some of the charges these men were convicted of.

Imagine my father lying there on the ground, shot more times than we can visualize, absolutely helpless. He had no chance.

My son who is 11 years old, never got the chance to meet his grandfather who he was named after, and now only hears the stories of this family man and community hero, Leslie Cilliers. He was the most humble and genuine person and had so much left to live for, and so much more good to contribute to this world. He was never after fortune or fame. He just wanted to make a difference through all the small initiatives he took on. He was always busy with one or another community project. An example is a creche he put together for the kids in Dunoon, an informal settlement in our area. 18 years later, we are still hearing the stories pour in of how people remember him, for his personality and amazing work.

All the memories we could have made together were taken away from all of us, on that fateful Wednesday morning, in broad daylight.  

Our plea is out there, I have appealed to audiences via social media, radio and news platforms. I have plead with our President Cyril Ramaphosa to look at this case as well as the legislation that allow for an early parole application by serious offenders. I await a response although I have much doubt that we will receive it. We will go as far as we need to, to bring attention on this so that a blind eye cannot be turned when this murderer attends his parole hearing and the Minister of Correctional Services needs to make a decision.

If you are supportive of our petition, for this convicted Murderer, Xolani Kumalo as well as any of his accomplices that may try to follow suite with applications for the same, NOT to be released on an early parole before 25years have been served, please sign our petition.

Please share near and far, publicly and privately so that we may bring about  change in numbers. Your support is greatly appreciated.

The family of Inspector Leslie Cilliers

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!