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Petitioning Election Commission of Pakistan Honorable Justice(Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, CHIEF ELECTION COMMISSIONER and 1 other

Petition against Rigged elections in Pakistan: Re-election in the major constituencies where rigging has taken place

This is for the citizens of Pakistan who are concerned about their future, who have traveled to Pakistan to vote and also those, who have put in their efforts in every way to see free and fair elections happen in Pakistan.

Letter to
Election Commission of Pakistan Honorable Justice(Retd.) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, CHIEF ELECTION COMMISSIONER
Pakistan Mission in Canada Honorable Consul General Mohammad Nafees Zakaria
We, the, undersigned, as concerned citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, demand, while providing sufficient proof that the Election Commission of Pakistan thoroughly investigate any accusations and allegations of rigging and other "malpractices, including coercion, intimidation and pressures” prevailing in the voting process of Elections 2013. We further demand that re-elections be held in each and every constituency where there is clear proof of such rigging and malpractices.
Please find below proofs supporting our claim:

Proof of rigging in NA-125 (Lahore):

Testimony of a voter:


NA-253 (Karachi):



And many other constituencies:

Jamshed Dasti distributing money to vote:

Rangers threatened voters that they would shoot if they come again to vote, sealed boxes broken:

Open rigging:

- FAFEN (free and fair election network) initial release with list of polling stations where the number of votes cast is more than the number of registered voters:

The above stated is sufficient proof for the Election Commission of Pakistan to exercise its power granted under Section 103 A of The Representation of the People Act, 1976, (hereafter referred to as the “Act”) to probe into the issue of rigging and other malpractices as stated above in each and every constituency.
The Pakistani Community of Canada demands fairness, justice and righteousness in the best interests and for the better future of the Pakistani Nation. The whole nation has witnessed many examples of rigging and malpractices in the voting process and demand that the Election Commission of Pakistan use its power under Section 103 A of the “Act” to punish the culprits who are in violation of the provisions of this “Act” and further exercise its power under Section 103 AA of the “Act” to declare the polls void in each and every constituency where ‘grave illegalities” and “violations of the provisions” of the “Act” has taken place and “call upon that constituency to elect a member in the manner provided for in Section 108.”

A member of the Pakistani Community in Canada

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