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Petition against Re-Exam on Kannada (2nd Language) ICSE Board Exam 2017

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The ICSE 2017 Kannada question paper was unlike any other paper before, not because it was extremely hard/easy, but because of the number of printing errors in it. Actually, it's not exactly a printing error, per se, because the problem was certain letters not being printed at all, and not only in a few places but throughout the paper!

                                                 During the reading time, students were busy trying to figure out words and questions themselves instead of reading them and building up their answers.  The students took much more than the usual 15 minutes to read all the questions and some schools even gave them extra writing time in the end as it was clearly not their fault.

                                The paper was easy for a majority of the students and the mistakes hadn't affected their performance much, but this can't be said for all of them. Imagine their anxiety when they read in the newspapers on the very next day that the Council might announce a Retest due to many parents complaining about their childrens' performance!

This Petition is an appeal to the CISCE and Mr. Gerry Arathoon, Chief Executive and Secretary of CISCE to decide against holding a Re-Examination for Kannada as the students have already put in a lot of time and effort in writing the first paper itself. Also, holding Re- Exams is normally done when there is a Question paper leak but in this case, clearly there is no fault of the students. 

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