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Stop this person from re-doing everyone else's petitions.

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When we make a petition a lot goes into it,much thought and work,if we have someone else re-doing our petitions it defeats the whole purpose of our petition.And it does no good.When this is done it takes away from the signs on the original petition,does no good for our original purpose for making the petition in the first place.There is a member of,fb and care2 who is doing this very frequently.
Her name is Kelly and she is re-doing a lot of your petitions and stealing your hard work,mostly from posting them as her own on the care2 petition site.She must be stopped.She has been reported by many on fb and care2,but nothing is being done about it.
This is copy right infringement as described in the following link
This not right since it takes away from the original petition and wastes the signers time,it is a waste to sign a petition for another petition.For every one of her petitions that we waste time signing ..we could really be signing a petition that will do some good.
Please sign this petition to stop her from doing this.
Below are some links to some groups on care2,and some examples from some of her petitions.

Thes are just a few from the past 2 days from her...they are NOT her petitions,most were taken from other petition sites made by other people that she is taking credit for.
This is one from a friend of mine on fb and care2 that she re-did as her own
He has filed complaints against her,but to no avail


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