Petition Against 6-Period Days - Wethersfield High School

Petition Against 6-Period Days - Wethersfield High School

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Started by Sam Croce

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(Ana K., Gisella V., and Madison S. are also hosting a paper petition, which should also be signed by as many people as possible)

The WHS administration is planning to alter the schedule of our school days. Rather than the A and B-day schedule that the students and staff are used to, the administration is in the process of putting together a 6-period schedule in place of it.

We appreciate the administration taking action on what they believe is flawed. However, the vast majority of students and staff would be negatively affected by this change. This will be especially confusing for the incoming freshmen, who will now have to balance a chaotic schedule among the other new aspects of the high school experience. Along with this, the current students will have to adapt to the new changes, not to mention the current freshmen who will have had three schedule changes from SDMS to WHS. Students run the risk of being unprepared due to the class changes every day, such as not packing materials needed for the class, not to mention the higher risk of late attendance or general confusion regarding the classes.

We understand the administration's concern that students’ attention spans have become much shorter during online learning. However, as we transition back into full in-person schooling, incoming students must acclimate to a longer class period. The current schedule, aside from being easy to understand and well-paced, is also beneficial for ensuring that students learn how to work and learn for longer periods of time. We believe that altering the schedule to have shorter instructional periods would actually result in worse overall performance, due to the confusing layout and less time to prepare in between class days. 

The purpose of this petition is to retain a schedule that enables instructional hours to be as effective as possible and is consistent enough for the students to enjoy the most productive education they can have. It's also worth noting that there are paper copies going around the school as well, showing how strongly students feel about this issue. Students should have a say in what goes on in our school, not just the administration.

207 have signed. Let’s get to 500!