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The citizens of Petersburg declare that the present system used in the election of our mayor is unacceptable. Sec.2-3.2 of the Petersburg Charter provides that the Petersburg City Council shall choose the mayor from among its members at the organizational meeting.

This petition seeks to amend our charter in the following ways: Grant the citizens the power to vote for the candidate of their choice for mayor. Establish a general election for the position of mayor.Thereby allowing qualified individuals outside of city council to publicly cast their name on the ballot as candidate for mayor.

We believe an official elected by the people shall be accountable to the people by his actions, interactions, interests, communication and responsibilities.Our city continues to struggle with the negative effects of poor leadership along with the stigma of being labeled as an unhealthy community. We must change and give our people the confidence in governance and show that the governing body is acting in the best interest of the citizens.