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help me and my son nobody else seems to listen nor care that he is an innocent 9 year old boy,as you will have heard of the recent murder enquiry of gary clampette well i am the sister of 2 out of 8 people in custody others include my sons father and 2 other members of my extended family cousins,im not writing about them im writing about the fact that my son after loosing his father 2 uncles his home for weeks while police had my home seized as a potential crime scene,im back home now but 2 days before i got my keys returned social workers gave me 2 days notice they had called an early panel and that they intended recomending residential accomodation for him,we were both devastated 2 days later he was removed,in my eyes without good reason as before this murder enquiry there was never any suggestion of this in fact opposite my social worker said she would never do that,and if it was so conserning why did they wait 4 weeks now im back home my son was put into foster care for a couple of weeks which was in whitehills near banff he wandered away without anyone noticing as soon as social worker left and got on a bus and asked to be took to fraserburgh if not for bus driver taking him to police station who knows,also there are concerns and an investigation into the foster parents which is good as they never treated him properly and the road he walked is very rural and dangerous also very long especially for 9 year old who does not know where he is,so now he is in at troup house the reasons for this keep being changed from my relationship with my partner so we seperated then the reason now is his behaviour at school which was much better before holidays and they took him during holidays,they want to assess me as a single parent why not give me the chance to be my son and i are being punished for somebody elses crime and for the first time ever ive not been able to take him for first day back at school nothing i only get contact at banff which is hard to get to from fraserburgh with lack of buses and even then its an hour only and thats if hes there on time or they dont cancel it,and thats not even all the things id like to tell you how we are being treated example ive not seen him for nearly 2 weeks when its suppose to be at least once,my son needs me and i need him he just wants home back to normal if you could help at all i would be so grateful thanks

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