Hunter Street Bridge Jump Barrier

Hunter Street Bridge Jump Barrier

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Peterborough Ontario and

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Started by Amie Walker

Hello to the good people of Peterborough Ontario.

I would like to petition the city of Peterborough Ontario to build a suicide barrier along the Hunter Street Bridge.

I think it's about time that the people of Peterborough stand up and demand the city to build a barrier along the bridge to help protect its citizens from accidentally falling off, as well as to help deter those that are thinking about jumping. 

Its been too frequent these days. Waking up to hear someone has jumped off the bridge or that someone is standing on the ledge.

People are going through hard times right now. Instead of building  "luxury apartments" everywhere, let's do the right thing to try and help the city's most vulnerable.

We desperately need a barrier built on Hunter Street Bridge.

Please sign this petition to show your solidarity in this matter. Lets show the people who are suffering in Peterborough that WE care.






27 have signed. Let’s get to 50!