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The removal of land tax from the State tax system.

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Land tax is a long outdated tax. It is discriminatory by nature for example: if you had a property whose unimproved value is worth $400,000 (which is valued by a third party, the Government, who have an obvious conflict of interest by valuing the property) you pay land tax. If you had $400,000 in shares you pay no tax; similarly if you had $400,000 in cash in the bank, or gold or diamonds or boats or cars you pay no tax! Therefore by just buying property you are discriminated against. It is discrimination by asset class!

It also puts an unrealistic cost on Tenants in the case of Commercial leases.

It is anticompetitive and unnecessarily causes prices of property to increase to try to compensate for its impact. A similar consequence of stamp duty. 

The people of Australia voted for GST on the basis that State taxes like Land Tax and payroll tax would be removed. Again the people of Australia were lied too and these unnecessary taxes have remained. It is time they went, to make the playing field a level one. 

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