Petition to City Council to Amend Toledo's Lead Safe Ordinance"

Petition to City Council for revisions to the Current “Lead Safe” ordinance.

We believe an ordinance that makes more sense for landlords and tenants stands a better chance of accomplishing your goal of reducing risks to Children in Toledo.

1. Testing should only be required between occupancies: This will give a landlord the best chance of preparing for and cleaning for a Clearance Inspection and there is less chance of tenants being evicted due to this legislation. Another consideration is only test when children will be occupying the property as is done in other States.

2. Eliminate Dust wipes: They add to the cost of the inspection, the results are nothing more than snapshots in time and not appropriate for this ordinance. Visual inspections make the most sense.

3. Once you do an inspection, you should be given 90 days to pass without any threat of fines and a pass is a pass, they should all be for a 6 year certificate.

4. Landlords should not be required to give out any confidential tenant information.

5. Buildings in Designated Historic Districts should be exempt from this Legislation because owners are limited in the corrections they are allowed to make.

6. If this is truly to protect children, then the City of Toledo should step up and have all City Buildings pass the Lead Safe Certification since Children enter all of the buildings.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • District 3 Council Member
    Peter Ujvagi
  • District 1 Council Member
    Tyrone Riley
  • District 2 Council Member
    Matt Cherry
  • Distict 4 Council Member
    Yvonne Harper
  • District 5 Council Member
    Tom Waniewski
  • District 6 Council Member
    Lindsay Webb
  • At-Large Council Member
    Cecelia Adams
  • Theresa Gabriel
  • Rob Ludeman
  • Sandy Spang
  • Larry Sykes
  • Steven Steel

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