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Save Our Streets: There’s No Excuse For Gun Abuse!

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Dear local citizen,

        Every day there are twice as many suicides than homicides related to guns. Whether or not you believe that making gun laws more strict is the solution the problem is not at fault of the gun but the person pulling the trigger. Making gun laws more strict is not going to fix the problem because either way if someone wants to cause harm they will do anything to do it. Instead of making gun laws more strict there should just be more requirements. We should expand the background checks not only to the person but to some family members, friends, and people who know the person interested in buying a firearm. 

        According to Mass Shooting Tracker, most shootings that are not involved in big crowds, happen within a single household. Meaning, the shooter is not a stranger but a family member.  You will be able to see a chart and explanations of some of the shootings if you take the time to look at the data. ( This chart is not specified to one specific area but across our country. Many people believe that strangers killing each other is more common than having known people end their lives and we have come to see that tragically this is not true. Multiple polls done by Gallup News show us the publics opinion. Most people believe that gun laws should be more strict. Not only does this poll provide the public’s opinion today but also from the late 1950’s. (

         People’s sanity and surroundings are a big part of who the person is and how they may act. If you make gun laws more strict it might hurt more than it can help. If there is someone who wants to kill people they are not going to go somewhere where there is going to be firearms. They are most likely going to go somewhere where guns are not allowed. Given this information, the problem is not where the guns are being taken but who is able to buy guns and fire arms. Most shootings take place in a gun prohibited place and most shooters show signs of mental illness before, during, and or after the incedent occurs.

         In order to end gun violence doing background checks on people who are planning on buying guns and background checks on people they surround themselves with is not only going to prevent more gun violence but encourage gun owners to take more responsibility and seriousness of owning a firearm. Adding more laws to restricting guns in public areas is not going to terminate the gun violence itself. We as a community need to take this into a deeper level of recognition and laws are not going to help with someones saneness. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my explanation and I hope to have made you think about your own opinions in this subject.

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