Save our Grid Roads!

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Xplain Milton Keynes
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Despite saying that they have learned lessons from disastrous attempts to ‘improve’ the original layout of Milton Keynes, for example at the Hub in CMK and at Countess Way in Broughton (pictured above), MK Council is still letting developers get away with destroying the quality, safety and efficiency of our grid road system.

Instead, we say YES to retaining and expanding MK’s famous network of grid roads (with gateways to major settlements) as the city grows. MK Council needs to accept that ‘City Streets’ are a failed experiment that have no place in a forward-looking city like Milton Keynes. That means telling developers:
● No more dangerous pedestrian/cyclist 'Toucan' crossings
● No more housing built next to busy roads
● No more concrete jungles

Xplain is a grassroots citizens' group set up in 2009 to help protect the best of Milton Keynes from the worst of development. We believe that our leafy grid road network with its separate pedestrian/cycling routes, green open spaces and distinctive architecture all combine to make MK a remarkably attractive and dynamic place to live.