Protect the remaining 5 cancer ward beds at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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Please sign to help my stepfather Les protect the 5 remaining cancer ward beds at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide. Over the years, Les has stayed at the QEH whilst battling bowel, lung, and liver cancer, and has heard from many doctors and nurses about their concerns regarding the very few beds available in the cancer ward, which is not operating at its full capacity. This is largely due to a very limited number of chemo-trained nurses being available.

Cancer is set to overtake cardiovascular disease as the most common cause of morbidity and death in Australia, and it is estimated that over 134,000 new cases will be diagnosed in Australia by the end of 2018, and by 2020 that number is expected to rise to 150,000 (Cancer Council SA). At this current time, the number of beds at the QEH is seen by staff and patients alike as inadequate for the current number of patients, let alone for the projected increasing numbers needing treatment.

This QEH-based cancer ward is a necessity as it allows for optimal support from locally residing relatives, spouses, and carers who find it difficult to travel elsewhere with the attending problems of distance, transport, and expensive parking. To allow the cancer ward to have more beds open, further chemotherapy-trained nurses must first be available.

Therefore, we are seeking:

  1. ­A commitment to maintain the five remaining cancer ward beds at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
  2. An undertaking to increase the number of available beds at the QEH cancer ward to its full capacity.
  3. That all beds be staffed by trained chemotherapy nurses.

Please share this to help raise awareness for the state of the cancer ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.