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The British Say Libertad, support human rights in Venezuela.

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As the horrific events of the recent peace protests finally hit our newspapers I believe that it is time for the British to say 'Libertad'.

Venezuela is in dire need of humanitarian aid as the country is falling into an economic collapse leading to a lack in basic supplies such as food and medicines. The economic crises are causing political unrest as many Venezuelans are unhappy with the current government lead by Nicolás Maduro that claims to be socialist but appears to me more like a dictatorship regime. My understanding of socialism is that it is a combination between state owned public services and democracy. What is going on is not democracy, it is some twisted version of it. What happened do Civil Liberties? Freedom of speech? Personal safety? Human Rights? none of these appear to be vital assets to a country according to this regime that has been going since the start of Maduro's reign of power from 2013 onwards following the death of 'Chavismo' President Hugo Chavez.

We are very fortunate to be living in a society that is free for everyone, we are allowed to disagree and peacefully protest if we want something changed, in Venezuela people who have done nothing wrong other than disagree with their government are met with tear gas and water jets to keep them in line. Please help to give Venezuelan civilians their voices back, all the protesters want is to live a good life in a country that is peaceful and free for all of it's citizens. If this was happening on British soil we would not stand for it and we would be speaking out in defiance so why are we keeping silent in regard to the Venezuelans? we are all human after all.

It may seem a world away to us, I know it did to me a few years ago and it took me physically meeting a Venezuelan to make me realise that not everything is about the UK and British society, and I will do this for her and for her country, both of which I have infinite amounts of respect for. I will not surrender just like those on the front line of protest, I will not give up and neither will they.

During a media-dominated age the crisis is becoming more and more apparent, more and more real and painstakingly more startling to see and hear about via news and social media.

I believe in justice for all, not matter what country you are from or what language you may speak, everyone deserves to have the right to their basic rights as a human being. I am a student from the South East of England who is currently studying Spanish as a second language and I believe that this is the real use for my cultural knowledge and my language skills. I study Spanish with the aim to make life better in Spanish speaking communities and this is a cause that I feel must be addressed.

I am urging the British Government and the British public to actively participate to putting an end to this direct violation of human rights, not through violence but through passive resistance. I believe that we must join hands with other countries in support of Venezuela during it`s period of difficulty and disagree with the barbaric treatment of anyone who has an opinion that the government doesn`t like. Cutting all ties with anything associated with this violation of human rights is, in my opinion, the best way forward for Britain to help put an end to this. Share on social media, do anything you can think of to peacefully protest, any voice will be heard if it is loud enough.


Put a stop to 'Nation, Socialism or death' Libertad for everyone forever.



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