Peter Khalil MP, has to apologise to the community on his pathetic comments on India

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Peter Khalil MP, Federal Member for Wills should be Boycotted from all the events and festivals the community is organising. Friends please Boycott this person and raise questions publicly if you see him. His recent speech in a public forum was segrating and dividing the peaceful Indian Australian community, the serious accusations he made against India and her people, have caused great concern to people of Indian Origin who are Australians.

Peter Khalil MP, has spoken recently in a public forum with his ill advised knowledge about India and Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir. If his intentions are to please a select section of people who hate Peace, Harmony and Gender Equality in any country, then he was successful. But to the thousands who voted for him he backstabbed them with such an irresponsible statement on Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir, directing very biased and unfounded allegations on India and its people.

Peter Khalil MP, used his position to make these statements, particularly from his position as Member, Human Rights Sub Committee of Parliament, thereby giving it authenticity of his own ill-conceived theory to hurt Indian community living in Australia.

His accusations are so serious in nature, the wider community is looking at the Indian Australian community with some doubts without understanding the ground reality in India.

The LGBT community in Jammu & Kashmir for long have suffered from draconian laws, with the changes to statehood, the laws have been made fair and equal as one law throughout India, which is also a matter for India and its democratically elected Government to decide and not Peter Khalil or his advisors.

Peter Khalil's irresponsible speech has caused big damage in the Australia India relations, which the Indian Australian community has been working hard to build with the Bi-Partisan support of both Liberal and Labor Governments for so many years.

I also request the Federal Government and the Australian Labor Party to remove him from the Deputy Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties and from the position of Member, Human Rights Sub Committee of Parliament.

With his biased approach and hatred towards the world's largest Democracy India, he will damage the Australia-India relations from these positions.

Peter Khalil should check the situation in the illegally occupied territory of Kashmir by Pakistan and also he has to open his eyes and ears to the cries of Minorities being persecuted everyday in Pakistan, the sheer look at the percentage of Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and other minorities being declining every year is the testimony for the Human Rights Violation worse than any part of the world.

Since November 1, 1956, India has created or modified numerous states nearly a dozen times, the last one before Jammu Kashmir in 2019 was the creation of Telangana in 2014. Every time India evolved, the people have been the winners, this time too Indians all over the world Celebrated the creation of new territories in India for the development and progress of the people.

Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir has been reorganised as 3 separate Union Territories namely Jammu, Kashmir and Ladhak. They join other Union Territories such as Pondicherry & Delhi which will only further develop the state and people of those regions.

We demand Peter Khalil MP, Member for Wills to apologise to the community, Indian Australian community in particular for his wrong portrayal of India and her people.

And he be removed immediately from his position as Deputy Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties and from the position of Member, Human Rights Sub Committee of Parliament.

We Thank everyone for your support.