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Save Humford Dam. Stop The Demolition Now!

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Dam It!

Northumberland Rivers Trust propose to demolish the Dam on the River Blyth at Humford. We believe that the proposal should not go ahead.

Our reasons are many:

  • Humford Dam is a much loved beauty spot, not only for locals, but for those visiting Bedlington from far and wide. 
  • Generations of people have enjoyed the picturesque setting and the peace and tranquility of this lovely area set within Northumberland Country Park. The Dam has been there for over a century and future generations have the right to enjoy the surroundings as we have done.
  •  We refute the claim made by NRT that the Dam poses a significant barrier,  a '' major impact''  to migrating fish and eels, and we would like to suggest that improvements to the existing fish pass and a stronger, more robust eel pass, would take care of any problems that may occur along these lines and would be a better solution than demolishing the Dam itself.
  • The long, deep stretch of water upstream from the Dam is a popular fishing area which would be destroyed if the Dam was removed.
  •  Also, we believe that this proposal would adversely affect the wildlife of the area and have a detrimental effect on the existing habitats of other, protected species. The process of destroying the Dam would be an unwelcome intrusion into an environmentally important area, disturbing red squirrels, bats and otters. 
  •  Moreover, we challenge the assertion made by Pete Kerr, the Trust's Director, that the proposal would, '' Improve the visual impact of the site '' The Dam itself serves as the Visual Highlight of the walk from Humford Mill along the river, an added pleasure being the sound of the approaching 'waterfall'. To take this away, would clearly destroy the outstanding feature and therefore detract from the appeal of the site!
  •  Furthermore, Bedlington is undoubtedly  an area of diminishing heritage assets and we strongly object to yet ANOTHER threat to our history, this feature being an important reminder of bygone Bedlington! 
  • Humford Dam is a popular meeting place for young and old, a spot for the public to enjoy, a resting place for cyclists and a pause for walkers to appreciate Nature. We want to preserve this very attractive feature and we think that this proposal should be rejected.

 We want to keep our Dam!

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