STOP Cambridgeshire County Council moving to Alconbury 22 miles up the A14

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Do you use CCC services or work for CCC - would you have liked them to have moved their offices to Northstowe so that employees and service users could access their offices via bike or the Guided Busway? Whether you live as far away as Huntingdon or Cambridge the GBW would have provided car free transport to a new office on the Northstowe site.

Sadly 35, CCC Councillors think otherwise and have voted to move their offices from Cambridge to ALCONBURY!! So for all of you employed at Shire Hall or need to go there you will have to travel 22 miles up the A14 to do so. What happens if you don't drive - well the Councillors do not seem to care about that either. The impact of this decision will be felt by hundreds of people but that did not appear to concern the 35 who voted to move CCC to a remote location not served by good public transport links. With 21 votes against this move the whole of the county will be impacted by a decision made by a very small number of people with apparently no consultation with the public or service users. This undemocratic decision will disenfranchise the local electorate and make it much harder to hold CCC to account. With the impact this decision will have on the A14 and the county how can this decision be justified?

The decision to build the first new town in this country since Milton Keynes is a historic moment and one that should have had the full backing of local government and it is shocking that this is not the case. There is simply no justification for undermining the success and status of Northstowe and forcing more traffic onto the A14. Local and National Government, with the full support of CCC, have imposed Northstowe and Greater Cambridge upon us - there is therefore no excuse not to fully back the project and relocate services here. SCDC had the courage to relocate their offices to Cambourne - it is not unreasonable to expect CCC to support the Northstowe development in a similar way.

Please vote so that CCC will re-look at this issue and change their minds. SAY YES TO CCC OFFICES AT NORTHSTOWE.

Photo: Cambridge News showing the A14 at Barhill 2018


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