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For the attention of Vice-Chancellor Peter Hoj and Cnief Operating Officer Greg Pringle


Fossil Free UQ requests that the University of Queensland divest all financial holdings in fossil fuel companies.

What is divestment?

Divestment is a global movement where institutions dispose of unethical stocks, bonds, or investment funds. Thus, cutting ties with the fossil fuel industry and removing their social license to continue to destroy the planet.

Who we are

Fossil Free UQ is a student-run group at the University of Queensland. We have been campaigning for five years now to make sure university money is not being used to fund climate change, including but not limited to the exploration and extraction of fossil fuels.

Why we need you

It only takes one person standing up for what they believe in for others to do the same. Over the years, we have over 2000 student and staff signatures, won a student referendum on divestment, peacefully occupied the Chancellery, and held climate parades in the name of climate justice. However, the UQ Senate has consistently ignored our requests for direct action against climate change and have refused to meaningfully communicate with us.

Four of the eight Appointed Members in the 34th Senate are executives or non-executive directors of fossil fuel companies, including the Vice-President of Shell. Having these Senators involved in making decisions about the university’s investments is a conflict of interest. While the majority of students voted yes to divest in last year’s referendum, it appears that the voice of the students have been drowned out by the governing body that is allegedly committed to serving them.

This leads us to petition the public. The Senators are ignoring the voice of their students, but perhaps they will listen to the broader community.

This is more than a university-level issue. Institutions around the country need to take responsibility and accountability for their actions, and show leadership against the devastating effects of climate change. We have seen the impact a single university can have on the social license of fossil fuels, first with ANU, then Swinburne University, the University of Sydney, La Trobe, QUT, and Monash. It’s time for UQ to do the same - time for them to join the movement and cut these dirty ties for good.

Will you help us?

Please sign the petition below and share it to a friend by Facebook, email, Twitter or Tumblr. This is the year we make sure that UQ funds a future for its students.

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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we work on, the land of the Jagera and Turrbal, and pay our respects to their elders, past, present and emerging. We also recognise that indigenous communities around the world are often not only the most impacted, but also the fiercest fighters on the frontlines of the struggle against climate change. There can be no climate justice without justice for First Nations people across the globe.