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Started by Tasmanian Resident

I’m sure we’re all aware of the current state of our country; COVID cases are rising, people are still dying and apparently, our government still doesn’t care. With the opening of our boarders, Tasmanian residents stuck overseas were able to finally reunite with their loved ones - a long awaited reunion, definitely overdue.

Although opening our boarders allowed these residents to return, it also brought in a surge of COVID cases across our state. The government want to keep our boarders open to boost the economy & attract tourism, they want fix their mistake of almost putting us into a recession. Keeping our boarders open will not only allow cases to rise, but it will continue to put our residents at risk. 

I’m a student nurse, my brother has just tested positive on a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and is awaiting for a call from TAS HEALTH to confirm an appointment for a PCR test (which could be anywhere between 24 hours - 1 week). Despite being in a household with an individual who visibly is unwell, and has tested positive on a RAT test, TAS HEALTH told me over the phone that unless you are symptomatic, you are not eligible for a Rapid Test. If we aren’t eligible for a RAT test, how are we supposed to confirm our health status, if we can’t go to any Tasmanian Testing Clinics because we aren’t eligible. Peter Gutwein, what is this? I understand testing supplies are at a low, however we wouldn’t be in this position if you had initially allowed Tasmanian residents to return to our state during the 2020 pandemic. This new eligibility criteria for COVID testing is beyond a joke; you have to either be:

1. Symptomatic

2. Have come in contact with someone who is a confirmed COVID case (through an official PCR test) or,

3. Return a positive RAT test

If you however are not symptomatic, whether you are in a space with someone who has suspected COVID-19 or not, you are not eligible for a RAT test. That leaves us in a position where the risk factors have not been addressed. Think of it, in my current position we are in a household of five, one of which has suspected COVID-19 and has a positive RAT test. The rest of us who reside in the same household are not symptomatic - therefore we aren’t eligible to get a test. WE ALL KNOW COVID HAS AN INCUBATION PERIOD IN WHICH SYMPTOMS ARE NOT PRESENT FOR A DURATION OF TIME. So the government, rather than allowing us to get tested and in the case of being a positive, treating us accordingly, instead they’re putting us at risk.

The Tasmanian Health system is a joke and this situation needs to be addressed - I’m calling for a revision over the Tasmanian testing system/process as well as allocation of test supplies. It doesn’t take much to come up with a simple organised solution. The government just doesn’t want to put the funding into making sure our state and its residents safe. Im calling for Peter Gutwein to at least consider closing our borders; a lot of Tasmanian residents belong to an age group of over 50 years of age. Our state deserves its ‘leaders’ to assure us they are doing everything in their power to protect us. That isn’t happening. If you agree with any aspect of what I’m saying, if you believe Peter should consider closing our borders, if you believe our states testing system needs a MAJOR readjustment in its process(es) then sign this petition and let them know. 

80 have signed. Let’s get to 100!