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Do you want Scottish independence

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We were promised if we remained in the U.K. After the Scottish referendum 2014 that we would remain as part of the eu. This has turned out to be a lie.

We were also told should we leave to become independent we would not be able to support ourselves again I find this not true as we have shown we can support ourselves 

We were told Scotlands voice would be heard at Westminster. There are clips all over that dispute this at every turn and our voice has no weight nor consequence in the triggering of artical 50 to leave the EU. Even though a majority in Scottish people oppose this decision.

So with this I ask you to Sign this petition if your are in agreement for a new independence vote for Scotland. For Scotland to break away from Westminster and have its voice heard in the world. For Scotland to be an independent country in the world. 

I wish for this petition to be call on the numbers of people in agreement. finding the truth about how the Scottish people actually feel about another independence vote. A true message and measure of what Scotland wants not what the media portray 

 we were promised in 2014 that should we remain that we would be and remain part of Europe and the single market. this has turned out to be a lie. 

We hear on the news now that there is no call for a further Scottish independence referendum. That the Scottish people are happy with things the way they are. I don't believe this. 

I wish to find this out and to see if the media do have what they call the true picture of Scotland's voice. Which from what's broadcast nationally they don't 

Please sign this petition should you feel Scotland needs its voice heard in the world for Scottish independence from the uk to be a reality. For the Scottish government to act on behalf of the majority of Scottish people and to do what's right for our country.

Right now we the Scottish people are not being heard. Let's speak up and change this. 

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