Kill fortnite!

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Someone please tell me in the comments section why Fortnite is good. Why do people like it? What’s so good about it? And don’t say it’s really fun because if a game is not fun, there was no point creating it in the first place. also it took concepts from many other games, so how come no one likes those and everyone likes fortnite?

we need to kill this bad game! It is Attracting players from other better games, and apparently, quote: "Fortnite is the best game ever.” This is obviously completely false because there is gauranteed to be better games in the future and also the only reason people like fortnite is because it is for noobs who can’t aim (that’s me, but I actually want to get better at shooting rather than let random gun spread AKA bloom take care of it) and completely NOT skill based (I mean, seriously, no amount of skill can let you get a good gun from a supply drop...) and I actually have never played fortnite, if any of you out there can buy me a decent pc that can actually run fortnite then I will try it to see why people like it so much.