PLEASE HELP US Human Rights For People Detained Under Section 501

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Dear Minister,
We are detainees of Australian detention centres and we are writing this petition in demand to reduce our time spend in detention.
We come from different backgrounds and there are different causes to why we happen to end up in Detention Centre. Many of us are here since the Direction No. 65 – Migration Act 1958 – Direction under section 499 Visa refusal and cancellation under s501 and revocation of a mandatory cancellation of a visa under s501CA came in place on the 22nd December 2014.
We are labelled “CRIMINAL OFFENDERS” who are to be “of a BAD CHARACTER”. All of us were given a cancellation letter stating that we have 28 days from the receipt of the letter to respond if we decide to stay in Australia or return to our countries of origin.
During the given 28 days we submit our applications for revocation of visa cancellation and then we are told to wait for the Government to respond. As the months go by we are told over and over again that there is NO TIME FRAME for the Government to respond, which means we are spending years in detention centre.
The reason given for NO TIME FRAME is that there is not enough staff at the Governments office to process our applications, which we consider as an invalid reason when it comes to peoples livelihoods that are at stake.
It sounds outrageous that the Australian Government has enough recourse to spend on building and expanding detention centres but not enough to put some more people at work to process our applications. The detention centres are growing rapidly expanding into cities for detainees, where we are closely watched on cameras and left without any privacy. It really feels like we are being forced into some sort of social Government Experiment where our families and we are watched as “Guinea Pigs”. It goes directly against International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Part III, Article 10:
All persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person.
Many of us are in the Detention Centre just after a prison sentence and have been separated from our families for months and years. Living in prison looking forward to our release date we are “released” in to the Detention Centre and given no release date to look forward to. Often our time at the Detention Centre exceeds the time spent in prison.
Repeatedly we are moved to different far away detention centres all around the country ripped away from our families the same way governments ago aboriginals were taken away from their families. Let us also remind you that our wonderful country Australia was built with a sweat and blood of our ancestors who just like us were labelled “CONVICTS” and “of a BAD CHARACTER”.
Just a few generations back our New Zealander ancestors stood side by side with Australians and were called Anzacs for their bravery and determination. And if the war broke out today it would be us standing up first thing to defend our country Australia.
However, the way we are handled these days is absolutely atrocious. We are called to the immigration office inside the detention centres for what you call a “routine check” then surrounded by the officers and dragged into solitary confinement rooms. We are threatened to submit or be charged with another criminal record. Our belongings are confiscated, including our phones so we do not have any opportunity to speak to our loved ones or let them know what is happening to us. In the early morning hours, while it is still dark, we are put on the plain and transported to detention centres far away from our families.
Detained for an indefinite periods of time and left without any family support we loose our hopes and become suicidal. And it seems like you want to get rid of us so bad that you don’t care if we are dead or alive. And even if the labels “CRIMINAL  OFFENDER” and “of a BAD CHARACTER” are true and you as a minister today are granted an indisputable power to detain us for an INDEFINITE PERIOD of time, surely, our children and our families suffering each step by our side do not deserve this punishment.
We are given no opportunity to work, study or offer any kind of support to our families which goes against the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Part I, Article 1:
All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
It is a law at the moment that the only way we can reduce our INDEFINITE SENTENCE is by going to countries of our birth where most of us have not lived for years and have no connections to. So we are literally stuck in a Detention Centre in a Country that we believe is our home.
We consider this absolutely inhumane and think it would be unquestionably fare for the government to have 28 days to review each case after the expiration of the 28 days that we are given on the receipt of visa cancellation letter.
Therefore we petition that processing of each case takes no longer than 56 days in total: 28 days to submit the Application for Revocation of Visa Cancellation plus 28 days for NCCC and other government bodies to review each case and come up with a decision. During this process we need to be released into our communities. We call Australia home and we are not planning on moving anywhere. Therefore we think detaining us is absolutely unnecessary.
Surely, in a country like Australia we have enough recourse to rehabilitate people that you labelled “serious criminal offenders”. And it would be a lot more beneficial to come up with better means of rehabilitation and a better use of tax payers contribution then detention for indefinite period of time. Many of us have difficult past and as we are released from prison we struggle to assimilate into community. But to us like to any other citizens of Australia support and humanity means a lot.
If detention is absolutely necessary, we need to be allocated to a detention centre nearest to our family residence, so that our tormented family members have an opportunity to visit us.
Australia is famous for having a fair and humane government that promotes equality. Please consider that we have already legally served our sentences in prisons and paid for our mistakes by the Australian Law. All of us are looking forward to going back home to our families and living our lives according to The Australian Law, which also agrees with International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Part 1, Article 1:
All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
However, we believe that our rights of self-determination have been violated. Detained, we are deprived of right to work, which violates our right to freely pursue our economic and social development and we are also deprived of right to further education, which denies us of any right to development all together.
Therefore, we demand that our cases are looked at from a humanitarian perspective and that our human rights are respected alongside all other Australians as we are residents and citizens of Australia and deserve to be treated equally to other Australians.