Bring the dying refugee on Nauru to Australia

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Peter Dutton, please help this dying man

A refugee is dying from lung cancer on Nauru.  He requires almost constant physical care and he doesn't have long to live.  He will likely be forced to experience a cruel and painful death if he stays on Nauru as the medical team there is not trained in palliative care. The other refugees and the doctors caring for him have made repeated requests for him to be transferred off Nauru to Australia to access better care.

You and the Australian Department of Home Affairs have demonstrated that you are aware he requires expert medical and palliative care as you have offered a transfer to Taiwan. 

 Unfortunately, this is not a solution. The Taiwanese may well provide expert symptom control, but there is very little access to his Hazara culture. He is being asked to choose between isolation and poor medical care.  

It makes sense for the Department of Home Affairs to transfer him here to Australia, so he can access the appropriate and excellent palliative care we all deserve. His own family are in Afghanistan but importantly, in Australia he will be supported by a large Hazara community. Separated from his family, this is his best chance of a good death.    

 Please bring him to Australia to die.  Our international reputation depends on this. Our humanity demands it.