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Stop extortion of Australian citizens to apply for an Australian passport

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Children born in Australia to one or more parents being Permanent Residents are automatically considered Australian Citizens.

My son, born in 2013, was able to apply for an Australian passport when I presented his Australian birth certificate and my permanent residency certificate, as these two documents together validate his right to Australian Citizenship.

Now, 3 years later, my daughter who was recently born, cannot apply for an Australian passport on these same grounds. Instead I (as the parent) have to first acquire my citizenship certificate, which may take up to 4 years! Alternatively she needs to pay approximately $200 for a certificate to confirm that she is an Australian citizen.

This is extortion and prejudice to parents being permanent residents as opposed to citizens.

I say this because the validity of the PR certificate and citizenship certificates have ZERO difference in proving citizenship of the child when presented together with the child's birth certificate. The additional $$ that has to now be paid for a piece of paper is another way for the government to unfairly extort the residents. This must STOP

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