She is old and frail and therefore a burden on Australia - Make Australia kind again -SIGN

She is old and frail and therefore a burden on Australia - Make Australia kind again -SIGN

5 June 2019
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Started by CEO. MARLEEN SINGH - Rights Reforms Indigenous Corporation

Angela age 63, is old, frail and worse is suffering from a mental health condition which has been exacerbated by the continued uncertainty and fight for her residency to stay close to the love of her life., her only support , her Australian husband of  30 years. 

Her husband, Fred has done a marvelous job keeping her safe in Australia all these years until she wandered off and found her self in detention.  Fred has never failed to provide appropriate care for her and till date in this age he tirelessly knocks every door for support to help his vulnerable wife.

Detainees at a high-security detention centre in Melbourne's north say they are concerned for the welfare of a severely mentally unwell Canadian woman who has been locked up in the facility.

The 64-year-old woman is understood to be suffering from serious mental health problems. Detainees have been told the woman has dementia, but it's unclear whether she has been formally diagnosed by a psychiatrist.

The woman is being kept in a room with a blacked-out window at MITA North, a high-security compound at the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation centre in Broadmeadows.

A spokesman for Australian Border Force did not say why the woman is being kept at the high-security facility, instead of hospital or a mental health facility, citing privacy concerns. 

 We all know that incarceration breeds mental illness - its a unnatural place and exacerbates mental condition..We have sentenced Angela to a life of indefinite detention, away from her husband and  her being in a behavioral management room - (Which is designed to punish detainees for acting out - they are kept in isolation untill they learn to behave). Australian Lawyers' Alliance spokesman Greg Barns said the woman's treatment was further endangering her mental health.

"The law in Australia is very clear," Mr Barns said. "The Australian government has a duty of care to all persons it detains in immigration detention to ensure they have a reasonable standard of care. In cases where a person is severely mentally unwell, they should be cared for in a hospital setting or in a community setting where they can receive appropriate care.

"To continue to house a person in what is effectively a jail-like facility and which is effectively solitary confinement is a clear breach of that duty of care."

Her husband has contacted us for support.  Please sign and share this petition - demanding Angela be released into the community with appropriate services in place - To provide Fred and Angela a permanent visa so they may resume a healthy happy life together.  They both are very old to be going through this hell.  Please sign and share and show your support. 


This petition made change with 543 supporters!

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