Reunite the Emous-Bilsborrow family!

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American citizen Christi-Ann Emous was thrilled when she was offered her dream job in Sydney on a temporary skills shortage work visa. In support of her career, she and her husband, Christopher Bilsborrow, sold their family home in Oregon, packed up all their worldly possessions and decided to relocate their beautiful young family to Australia, where Christi-Ann would be the family’s main breadwinner and Christopher their children’s primary carer.

When Christopher’s visa was delayed, Christi-Ann travelled on with the children to get settled in Sydney before commencing her new job.

In the intervening weeks, Australia shut its borders due to COVID-19, and the Australian government has so far refused to permit Christopher to be reunited with his wife and children on humanitarian grounds despite making exceptions for billionaires and rugby players. Christopher is more than happy to comply with all visa conditions and quarantine restrictions in order to come and care for his young children. 

Now Christi-Ann is in Sydney alone with two small children, a new job and no-one to help with childcare or setting up a home while she provides for the family financially. The children are distraught and don’t understand why their daddy can’t be with them. 

The Emous-Bsborrow family came here with a view to contribute to Australian society and be together as a family unit. They deserve a fair go. 

This situation is unnecessarily cruel, unfair, unjust and un-Australian. Refusing Christopher a visa serves no purpose but to harm his two innocent children. We call on the Australian government to The Australian government to find a way to reunite this family immediately.