Please bring our family home.

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My wonderful wife Anne and our two beautiful daughters Julienne and Mikyla have been refused Immigration visas to Australia, supposedly on medical grounds.

Our youngest, Mikyla was born with some physical birth defects and developmental delay.

Kyle's (Our nickname for Mikyla) birth defects were remedied very successfully by several surgeries in 2013. The doctors at Naga Doctor's Co-operative hospital, as well as the nurses were amazing.

Kyle made a rapid recovery, so we were surprised that the visa refusal happened after the resounding success of the surgeries. I confidently signed the documents that absolve the Australian government and Australian taxpayer from any responsibility coming from Kyle's medical treatments in future. I will tackle any future costs out of my own pocket. Kyle goes to a normal school, not a special school, just a couple of years behind her peers due to her developmental delay.

The government's decision was said to be based on an report generated by BUPA, stating that Kyle was heavily retarded and would cost the Australia taxpayer 3.3million dollars over the term of her life. We we shocked by the figure, so requested this costings report and found very nearly all of the purported costs to be either false of not applicable. She does not require or receive ANY of the assistance BUPA purports that she can't live without, so why would that suddenly change once she came home to Australia?

I thought this would be easy to have remedied, once the errors were explained, but BUPA and the Department circled the wagons and no correspondence would be entered into.

I appealed the decision, with the hearing on 31st of August last year. We were supposed to have a result in 90 days.

One of the great ironies in this situation is that Australia proudly became a party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (DisCo) in mid-2008. Article 34 of the DisCO established the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

So: Even if Kyle's condition was as bad as BUPA claim: Our government has signed a UN memorandum stating that they would not discriminate against the person they are now discriminating against.

Against all odds, we have somehow created a beautiful blended family where everyone gets along, loves and respects everyone else within the unit. How often does that happen? It may be inconvenient to the Department of immigration, but our family has beaten the odds, managing a miracle to become a cohesive, loving little clan, despite the distance and logistics.

The weird part is that there is absolutely no risk to government or taxpayer, so their contentions simply disappear.

The problem is we have a bureaucracy that can't communicate amongst itself, let alone with outsiders and communication is the key problem here.

Please Peter Dutton. I have been emailing and calling you for 5 years with not one response, ever. Our little family deserves the opportunity to be together. It is killing us being apart for so very long.