Please don't deport my partner to Iraq where he will face death & torture

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My name is Remee Murdocca, and I am 24 years old from the Hills district area. I am writing this petition and seeking help for my partner Norman Mansour, age 28, born in Iraq and an Assyrian Christian. He fled the country with his family when he was 7 years old because of religious reasons, there was no safety there and, as it was a country that had no hope.

Norman has grown up in Fairfield since the age of 7, went to local schools in Fairfield and has absorbed the Australian life. He grew up with no father and is the youngest of four children. All his family and friends are in Australia and are all Australian citizens including myself.

Norman is an ex gang member to which he has no involvement with for the past 5 years. From a young age he was getting into trouble with the law but he has not been in trouble with the system since 2012.

He spent three and a half years in jail and was released in 2015 for a crime he did not commit and was found not guilty. After being released he was then put straight into detention centre on Christmas Island, he has currently been there for over one year and has not seen any of his family members. During this time he now suffers from anxiety, depression and severe stress. This has affected Norman, his family and myself, as we do not know what tomorrow will bring.

In October 2017, Norman got refused for a Protection Visa based on his character grounds. It also stated that if he would be deported he could possibly face persecution, suffer significant harm and is a person of whom Australia has protection obligations.

Please do not judge him by his appearance, he is not the person he was five years ago. He will be the first person to help anyone in need and all he wants to do now is start a family, be a father that he never had, be a good Australian citizen and to prove everyone wrong that has judged him. 

Please help my partner reunite with his family and myself. No one should face fear of persecution and being removed from a country where they have grown up and spent their whole life in. Australia is Norman’s home and this is where he belongs. Please help me, not only for my partner, but also for the many other people who are going through the same situation. No family should be torn apart!

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