Peter dutton please give justice to my 9 years old son

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Hi i am in australia on a visa lawfully

I lost my wife in road accident in 2012(overseas)

At that time my son was 4 years old.

Now he is 9 years old

He is in india

from last two years i am trying for his visitor visa but immi. Is refusing his visas with the same reason that he did'nt demonstrate his job commitments in his home land..  he is just 9 years old and a full time student. I think this is not fair and reasonable to ask for a job to a minor kid. 

I want to know how many kids are working here or worldwide at the age of nine.

We all deserve to live with our loved one's.

I request everyone to Please sign this petition if u think this is unfair and injustice. I request to the hon. Minister mr. Peter dutton to please consider kid's age and reson of resfusals. Please dont't split my family. I feel like this is child abduction.

I am his only living parent and want to see him here.. thanks