Open international borders to parents of Australian citizens

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Since March 2020, only Australian citizens, residents and immediate family members can travel to Australia. Parents of Australia citizens are not  included on this list.  These parents are the grandparents of thousands of children who are not being allowed to develop and maintain close relationships with their grandparents. Some of these children have not even met them yet. My daughter, Giulia (6 months old), is just one of these children who have never received a cuddle from their grandparents, been nursed by them, taken to the park, played or done all the normal things most children have. 

It is well known that the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is of the utmost value.  Research claims growing up with grandparents helps children become better able to cope with adverse childhood experiences and trauma, contributes to the child's well-being, leading to less behaviour and emotional problems. Research also indicates that these kids have a more secure, developed sense of self, and have a lower risk of becoming depressed (source: University of Oxford). 

We are requesting parents of Australian citizens to be allowed to enter the country with COVID-19 safe, strict and effective protocols in place. We commit to pay for their hotel quarantine, health insurance and any other cost involved.

On behalf of these children who need their grandparents, who want to grow with them,  who love them and miss them and just want to be together.