Make a better future for hard working International students

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There is currently over 750,000 international students studying and working in Australia, majority of these students are from China, India and Brazil. Most of these students want a better future for themselves, they want to make Australia their home.

Australian government chooses to allow refugees to easily acquire permanent residency, however make it very hard for these international students who have proven their loyalty and love for Australia by studying, working hard and paying their taxes to the Australian government. Not only that but it is getting increasingly harder for these students to get a permanent residency in Australia due to the study point requirements being constantly increased.

These hard working people require the support from the Australian people and Australian government. This petition hopes to enlighten and inform Peter Dutton (Current Minister of Home Affairs) on the current hardships of these student. We hope that minister Peter Dutton can bring change the current requirements and allow these students to call Australia home.