Let my husband stay with his family

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My husband, the father of my children is being deported from Australia. Our kids who were born here who have a good life here who are safe here is life will be ruined both ways whether they stay here without there father or follow him back overseas to a war torn country where theres no money for food shelter or education. The only way to solve this is by letting the father stay here in Australia where everyone has a good life. 

Hilal did not have a true mentor to distinguish right and wrong decisions. Without any sense of direction and not being aware of the danger to himself and our family, Hilal found himself trapped over his head, in a world of no return, at a vulnerable, confused state of mind he had committed his first offence and Served 9 months imprisonment.
since then he has seeked professional psychological counselling and has taken all steps necessary to redeem himself and prove he is indeed a good man. Who had a few short comings. 

Hilal is currently in an immigration centre suffering from severe depression and is taking medication for it. He cant keep his food down and the only thing that puts a smile on his face is his children. 

If given the chance to right his wrongs hilal has an amazing support system, family and friends who will ensure he stays on the right path.

My husband has made his mistakes and he lives with them everyday and there is not a single day he doesn't regret jeopardising his family for his moment of weakness. We all make mistakes but aslong as we learn from them is all that matters. 

Please help me fight for my husbands right to remain in Australia and the right to be given fairness and be treated as humanly as possible. 

I cant afford to lose him. Nore can our kids 

If I can get 1000 signatures supporting my family then maybe we can prove to the minister of immigration that the community has no issue with my husband remaining with his family and stand by him


Edit : my first born is not from the same man. I am remarried, and if my husband was to be deoprted and if i had no choice but to follow my husband then i would lose my daughter growing up with me. And if i chose to stay and be next to her then the 2 younger children will lose there father. I hope i never have to face this day. Thats why its very important to me to get enough community support to stand by family. So that we stay 1 family and not 3