Keep Braden Tagg In Australia

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Braden Tagg has been in Australia for 34 years since he was a child and calls Australia home, he has 5 Australian born children in which he's being alienated from by being deported to New Zealand. His family is in Australia, his business is in Australia, he is a respected person in the community and benefits a lot of people by being in Australia. He is the carer of his elderly father who is very unwell and doesn't have long left to live. Braden goes out of his way to help his friends and family, he will stay with a mate all night if it means preventing them from self harm. He is the rock for many people. Braden is kind and compassionate. By removing Braden from the country you are not only doing a disservice to Braden, his business, his family and friends, but his 5 children who need their father in their lives. If Braden touched your life in some way and has influenced your life please leave a comment and sign this petition.