Illegal Fishing on the Greater Barrier Reef (Must Be Stopped)

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You may have heard about the Great Barrier Reef, but you may not have known, that many people flock to the Great Barrier Reef to cast a line illegally. On the Great Barrier Reef are green zones, where it is illegal to fish so that the fish can regenerate and also so that the species can thrive. But when these illegal fisherman start fishing in these green zones, they give a disadvantage to the fisherman who are actually doing the right thing. Not just that but it gives the disadvantaged fisherman a bad record because people think that all fisherman do the wrong things. These illegal fisherman or poachers if you want to call them that, have to be stopped right now before they can cause anymore damage towards the Great Barrier Reef and all of the fish that are recovering from low numbers.   

If this keeps on happening, then that means more people from asian countries, then that means that more and more countries will start to send illegal fisherman to Australian water. It isn’t just the fish that are being taken from the reef, the poachers also like to take sea cucumbers. For example this boat was caught with hundreds of kilograms worth of sea cucumbers, which clean the coral of algae etc. But not only was it just one boat it was two different vessels. They were intercepted by the Australian Border Force and towed back to Cairns. Personally I think that the Border Force should be doing a better job and also taking it up with the countries that have boats coming over here. And if people are caught poaching in Australian waters, they should be taken to custody. But until now the Border Force have done a good job to keep these sort of people out of our waters. I hope that this has given people an idea on what people have the power to do. These people must be stopped before anymore harm is done to our great oceans.


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