My partner of 3 years who worked for the govt getting deported

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I'm an Australian citizen and my partner  is about to get deported from Australia if we don't do anything about it. My name is Adam Ford and we made a partner visa application in April this year which was invalid just because my partner had a visa cancelled in the past. I'm a full time employee in Australia and I couldn't join her outside of Australia if she was to leave till the new visa is confirmed in 1-2 years. We were told for Lily to leave on an island nearby and come back when her visa is ready.

Im an Australian citizen, I've been working in Port Hedland for over 12 years,and I just couldn't leave and visit or join Lily as my elderly mom lives here and I also have other very important commitments regarding my extended family. My partner has been taking care of kids from disadvantaged families who suffered all forms of abuse : physical, sexual and emotional She's worked hard including almost 4 years with the Dept for Child Protection in the  state Government of WA. After going through AAT and making a previous Ministerial intervention she was told "her case isn't in the public interest of Australians" even though she worked for the community and she was ready to take another role as a case worker and make much more of a difference! 

We are asking now again Mr Dutton to have a look at our case and give us another chance to prove we only want to be together and Lily really misses her work with kids and youth who often end up on the wrong side of the law. She can really make a difference and she's willing to sacrifice a lot for this mission.