Call for Peter Dutton to intervene on deportation

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Leo Yang is 10 months old and has Down syndrome and leukaemia. In a matter of weeks, his Chinese mother — the only family he has — will be deported, unless Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton intervenes.

Under Australia's current immigration laws, a 10-month-old child with Down syndrome and leukaemia does not meet the minimum threshold of needing a carer.

The case has passed through the Home Affairs Department, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and a final appeal now rests with the Minister.

If the decision is not overturned, Ms Yang will be deported and Leo will almost certainly end up in foster care. Adoption rates in Australia are low and children with special needs are even less likely to be taken in.

If Peter Dutton doesn't step up & grant this mother grounds to stay and care for her ill child, this boy will suffer. If he is forced into foster care because his illness does not meet our deplorable current standards, his fate will be the result of unforgivable inaction.